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Flirt-Marry-Kill Game, but with my brain: I'd Flirt my creativity, Marry my work ethic, and Kill my aphantasia. 

I'm a voice actor, writer/director, and special fx puppet guy bouncing between Vermont & NYC. 

My voice is all over Pokémon, Transformers Cyberverse, KidECats, Bread Barbershop, Promare, Super Smash Bros, a few YU-GI-OHs, I'm Taffy on TAFFY,  I'm in THE SLASHENING, etc...

Here's a summary of my creative life in a few sentences: Went to Temple University for Film and Media Arts where I started an a cappella group and directed "Buryford Junction," a feature mockumentary. After college, I stayed in Philly for a few years performing comedy as The Feeko Brothers and Camp Woods. Also PA'd on Transformers 2 and The Last Airbender. AMA.


I currently write/sing/yodel for The Great American Country Drifters. We also have a really funny pilot about the band's music getting stolen by influencers. 

My short BLAST that I wrote and co-directed is currently gobbling up laurels.

Oh, I was also a SCUBA Diver at the New York Aquarium. Which pretty much means I was a glorified shark janitor.

Thanks for stopping by! 


-Billy Bob



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